Who We Are

Bristol Norfolk Public Health Partners (BNPHP) was formed when the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's (DPH) Office of Local and Regional Health provided the Town of Foxborough with grant funds to promote and support the development of an inter-municipal shared service agreement within the region.  The purpose of these funds  is to improve the service and capacity of local public health within our local region. It is DPH's hopes that by pooling regional resources, functions, and expertise within local communities, the region can improve compliance with their statutory and regulatory mandates and expand the public health protections and services that they offer to area residents. As a result of this grant opportunity, BNPHP was formed through an Intermunicipal Agreement between these following communities:

  • Easton
  • Foxborough
  • Mansfield
  • Norton
  • Plainville
  • Sharon

Intermunicipal Agreement

The Intermunicipal Agreement (IMA) which was signed by each Town's Board of Health and Board of Selectmen created the BNPHP and allows for the formation of an Advisory Board, who can develop goals, budgets, polices, and procedures of the organization. The Advisory Board is currently made up of various appointed health officials of the above communities who meet on a regular basis in order to expand area public health protections.

For more information regarding this agreement, feel free read the entire Bristol Norfolk Public Health Partners Intermunicipal Agreement (PDF).

Advisory Committee Members

  • Kristin Kennedy, Director of Health and Community Services for the Town of Easton
  • Matthew Brennan, Director of Public Health for the Town of Foxborough
  • Amy Donovan-Palmer, Health Agent for the Town of Mansfield
  • Christian Zahner, IV, Health Agent for the Town of Norton
  • Deborah Revelle, Health Director for the Town of Plainville
  • Leandra McLean, Public Health Nurse and Administrator for the Town of Sharon
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